There are places in the world that have a special charm, places so beautiful that when you visit them for the first time you feel a crush that you will never be able to cure yourself. Lanzarote is a treasure and La Caleta de Famara its most precious jewel. The town of Famara is located within a protected natural area and an area of special environmental protection, between its mountains, plains and ocean you will feel like the magnetic force of the volcano pervades everything.
If your dream is to learn to surf and introduce yourself in this legendary and wonderful sport in a fun but above all safe way, if you want to share experiences, laughs and joys with future young surfers, like you, from all over Spain and Europe, if you are passionate the adventure and you would like to start discovering one of the most beautiful and paradisiacal Canary Islands on the wall riding a surfboard … Come with us, here you will get it! We are looking forward to meeting you !!

– Who is it for: Ages –


Surf Kids Camp is aimed at children between 10 and 17 years old. It does not matter if you have done it before or this is your first time, here we will divide you into groups and we will adapt to your level. For us the most important thing is you, so just relax and enjoy your learning and training process.

Come … take a step forward !! Let yourself be carried away by the carefree character of the island and confuse yourself among us. We are waiting!!


Surfcamp kids Lanzarote

We will give classes every day of the week except Sunday, which we will use to make a full day excursion to the most beautiful and most touristic places on the island.

Our instructors are very good surfers with long years of experience and super motivated to teach you all their knowledge on the beach in a fast, fun and safe way.

Certified by the Spanish Surf Federation (FES), Canarian Surfing Federation (FCS) and the International Surfing Association (ISA) and experts in rescue and lifesaving, will get in a few days to learn or improve a lot in your surfing.

Besides being super fun, people from all over the world are known during the courses. Friends forever!

We will divide the groups by levels, those who are debutants on the one hand and those who have more experience on the other, although we will all share the same bounded area of the arena for explanations, games and of course to eat the picnic and comment on the anecdotes of the morning .

The surf classes on Famara Beach are structured as follows:

1. Warm up and stretching following the principles of Yoga

2. Explanation of the exercises on the sand (Theory of surfing)

3. Implementation in the water

4. Corrections on the sand, explanation of more exercises and again go to the water (to make the classes more dynamic and less exhausting)

5. 30-minute break to recharge your batteries and enjoy a free picnic consisting of a sandwich, fruit juice and water

6. Back to the water to continue with exercises and corrections

7. Surfing on your own (free surfing) with the supervision and corrections of the teachers so that you try to put into practice everything learned during the morning

8. Transportation back to school from the beach

– The schedules –


Every day at 10:00 AM we will meet at school to say good morning and distribute the material.
Then we will arrive at the beach to give the first part of the class, we stop half an hour around 12 AM to rest and enjoy the picnic and then we will continue with the classes in the water until approximately 2 pm, including one last hour of supervised free bath by the teachers.


The students will always be in the care and permanent supervision of our instructors. They will be distributed in small groups. We will choose the beach area where the waves and tide point are the most advisable for the practice of the activity and always as far as possible from adult surfers.
All the material will be adapted to the level of each student, we will use soft boards (or hard if they already have experience) and all of them the day of their arrival will be provided with a neoprene and a identification lycra.

There will be a prize each day for the best wave of the session, which will be voted by the teachers and by a Student Committee that will be rotating and will change every day.

Finally and once finished the class of the morning we will shower and we will all go together to eat the delicacies prepared by our cooks.



We have 3 incredible (and new) Surf Houses with a total capacity of 44 seats. Boys and girls will sleep in separate rooms and will be accompanied for 24 hours by a monitor or instructor qualified in physical activity and free time. The distribution of the rooms will always be made according to their age, sex and affinities, such as if the child comes alone or accompanied by his friends and always looking for the comfort and safety of the kids.

Surf houses called Hendrix, Morrison or Marley are amazing and we are sure you will love them, 2 floors, 100 meters from the sea, plasma TV, WI-FI, terrace, barbecue, etc … all new and perfectly conditioned with cool surf and skate deco. You will love it.
All houses have 2 bathrooms (one per floor)

Here you have the videos and links to the photos of the surf houses: Hendrix & amp; Morrison and a third link to see the photos of the Marley house and that you can have a better idea of where you will be staying:

You can see the video of the house Hedrix here

You sign up? Request information!



Because we know the amount of energy consumed by boys at these ages and if we add to this the energy expenditure that sports practice brings, we have designed a very varied menu rich in carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins with a nutritionist: pasta, meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, juice … so that our boys and girls can regain strength daily and perform to the maximum during the Surf Camp.

We will start with a super energy breakfast consisting of fruit, cereals, milk, colacao, toast, butter, jam, bread, sausage and energetic bar for each one.

At mid-morning we will enjoy the picnic in the middle of the surf class. And finally at 2:30 p.m. and at 9:00 p.m., we will have lunch and dinner, respectively, consisting of a menu designed to provide them with all the energy they will need during such intense days.



9:00 We will wake up relaxed listening to some music, we will get ready and prepare for breakfast
09: 20-09: 40 Energetic breakfast
09:45 See you at school to say good morning and distribute the material 
10:00  Let’s go to the beach. It’s surf time
12:00 We have a lunch-break to eat the picnic, recharge our batteries, time to enjoy the beauty of Famara beach…
12:30 Back to the water to continue with the second part of the class
14:00 We collect everything and go back to school to shower and eat 
14:30 Menu meal: 2 courses, soda, water and dessert
15:00-16:00 Break
16:00 Start of afternoon #NotJustSurf activities
21:00 Time for dinner. Menu: 2 courses, soda, water and dessert and then watch videos, talk with peers and monitors, play, be in the common areas chill out and relax …
00:00 Silence in the house. Time to sleep. Another day awaits with many more emotions and fun.



  • Summer clothes for the day and something warmer to wear at night as it can be chilly after sunset.
  • Sunscreen
  • Cocoa or Vaseline for the lips
  • underwear for each day
  • Swimsuit and shorts
  • Sneakers and sportswear
  • Beach towel (we provide them with bath towels and sheets)
  • sandals
  • sunglasses
  • Some money in cash (that we can custody and / or administer at the request of the parents or the minor) and …
…be ready to have fun, we take care of all the rest.


extreme center camp menores

In our camp for children: “Lanzarote SurfCamp Juniors 2019” we just not only do surfing, but also to make the experience as enriching as possible we have designed a series of activities called #NoSoloSurf that go from the culture to entertainment through the performance of group games, the practice of other sports, of course, with the spirit of coexistence and companionship.

We will have meetings, visits to the most emblematic places and of tourist interest of Lanzarote, workshops, yoga, open classroom of Skate in the Extreme Center of Lanzarote with some of the best pro-skaters of the Canary Islands, ginkanas, workshop-visit to the surfboard factory in Lanzarote so that they can learn from inside the manufacturing process of a surfboard, cycling excursion, introduction to Paddle Surf (Stand Up Paddle), stretching, functional training, introduction to KiteSurf, IndoBoard, SkimBoard, Beach Volleyball Championship, snorkelling, watching surf movies and general themes suitable for all audiences, Costume Farewell Party of the camp the last night of the course in which we will play, we will sing, dance, we will laugh, we will take pictures … and many more activities …



The evil pirates commanded by the fearsome Captain Cuchufleta, have hidden their treasure chest in the town of Famara and its surroundings. With our intrepid adventurers, we will form teams that will compete, in good faith, to try to be the first to find it and therefore be worthy to enjoy the prizes and gifts that they will find … Although without a doubt the greatest prize will be participating in such a fun test in which they will have to put all their ingenuity and know-how to solve the riddles that will take them from one track to the next to complete the tour painted on the treasure map that we will provide.

Fellowship, teamwork, decision-making skills, speed and imagination will be indispensable requirements to be the new kings of the test.

Are you ready for such an incredible challenge? GO!!!

Want to join us? ¡Ask for info!


ZooPark Famara is located in the beautiful fishing village of La Caleta de Famara northeast of the island of Lanzarote. Integrated in a unique environment, volcanic nature, bathed by the Atlantic you will feel how the energy of the volcano impregnates everything.

Our school is located at the entrance of the town, at number 5 of the main avenue and a few meters from the beach, in fact our school will be the first you can see once you arrive in Famara.

The international airport of Lanzarote is located just 20 minutes by car from our Surf School.

+34 928 52 88 46



If something worries you or you do not like it, if for any reason you do not feel comfortable, if you have any special needs, whatever, please tell us, do not let it go, we are all here to listen and help you in everything need And a secret: we are very open to find customized solutions and making our ZooParkers happy !! So you know … count on us, whenever you need it we will be happy to listen and help you



Those of us who are parents know the importance of safety for us and even more so when we leave our children in the care of others so that you stay as calm as possible. You have to know that your children will care for 24 hours everyday of the week for graduates in Teaching and for Monitors with degrees in Leisure and Free Time with a lot of experience in handling and dealing with minors. Patients, empathic, kind and affectionate will have with them a personalized treatment attending them in all their needs.

In addition, all campers will be covered by accident and civil liability insurance in case of any eventuality that may arise.

And of course we will work in coordination with the staff of Emerlan , which is the Organization of Emergency and Rescue of Lanzarote and that among its multiple tasks is monitor and give security to Famara beach with its lifeguards, aquatic and terrestrial environments.

*Notice : Kids can not leave the facilities at night.
**Notice: If your son or daughter has any special needs or limitations, please let us know at the time of making the reservation so that you always have it in mind.



Camp #1June 24 to July 1
Camp #21 to 8 of July
Camp #38 to July 15
Camp #4July 15 to 22
Camp #5July 22 to 29


Sundays are the days of entry and exit of the Surf Camps, but as we know the problems that can sometimes come to the island by plane or boat for those who come from outside, you can always tell us during the booking process , which day best fits your needs and we will adapt without any problem, do not worry because you can enter any day of the week !!


Lanzarote SurfCamp Juniors 2019

– Price per kids-

1 week590 €
2 weeks980 €


These are our discounts and offers for groups:

  • Repeaters 15% discount
  • If you come with a brother or sister, 5% discount.
  • If you come with two or more brothers or sisters 10% discount.

Group of friends:

  • If you come with 2 friends we will apply 5% discount
  • If you come with more than 2 friends to all of you we will apply a 10% discount
  • The offers are not cumulative

* To be able to benefit from a discount, the only requirement that we ask is that you give LIKE to our Facebook page:ZooPark Famara. Surf, SUP & Kite School 

Surf School Lanzarote

Do you have any doubt? Ask us. You sign up? Come on!


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