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IKO Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Courses

As you probably know, Kitesurfing has become one of the trendiest sports nowadays and represents a new “religion” for thousands of riders all over the world. This incredible mix of Surfing, wake, skate, snowboarding and windsurfing combines speed, jumps, waves, easy progress and independence and, moreover, has that carefree and rebellious atmosphere that we like so much.

Our Kite School is officially licensed by the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) and we work under the standards of this organization. We follow an effective teaching methodology that has put on the board thousands of new kiters all over the world.

All our Kiteboarding instructors are graduates of IKO and Spanish Sailing Federation (Kiteboarding department) and are experts in lifesaving and first aid. We have a Jet-Ski and a Zodiac boat at our disposal to help us resolve any possible incidents in the water.

So if you are thinking of practicing this stunning sport, we would be happy to teach you here in ZooPark Famara. It does not matter if you just want to give it a try, take a full course or if you have already started your training somewhere else but would like to improve your skills and reach your goals. In ZooPark Famara we are sure that we would be your final stop in your training, that here with us you would surely achieve your objectives.

If your desire is to ride a kite, even though you have come to think “this is not for me” or even consider it impossible, COME! Here you will cast all your doubts and fears aside and embark on the path to becomе a kiter!

It is possible that now that this moment has come, you are a slightly more intrigued, this is normal, you are a little closer to your dreams, do not stop now. KEEP ON KITING!


– Official IKO School –

International Kiteboarding Organization IKO

We give kitesurfing lessons on Famara Beach when the wind and tide conditions are appropriate for you to learn in the best way possible. We take advantage of low tide when there is more space on the beach, meaning the learning process would be safer and easier for you.

As we have mentioned before, our instructors are graduates of IKO and Spanish Sailing Federation (Kiteboarding department) and our school is an Official IKO School (International Kiteboarding Organization), therefore we follow a refined and effective teaching methodology to the highest standards that guarantee your becoming an independent kiter while perfectly balancing fun and safety.

Kitesurfing combines the techniques and the adrenaline of surfing, windsurfing, snowboarding and wakeboarding which makes it one of the most fascinating water sports ever known. Gliding, power, speed, jumps, levitation, waves, freestyle – all of this and much more you will find in Kiteboarding. Despite appearing difficult, this sport is easy enough to get the hang of, since all the techniques can be practiced on firm ground, and with a proper teaching approach, it is possible to learn everything you need to become an independent kiter in just a short period of time.

ZooPark Famara Surf, SUP & Kitesurf School offers equipment of the brands Cabrinha, North and Liquid Force that is kept in perfect condition and renewed every year: kites, boards, helmets, harnesses, wetsuits, rash vests, impact vests, etc. Also we have a jet-ski and a Zodiac at our disposal just in case.

With a 5-day kite course, you will become self-sufficient and ready to enjoy this incredible sport with total safety, as much for yourself as for other people at the spot. And on top of that at the end of the course, you will receive an Official IKO Kiteboarder Card verifying the level you have acquired, the benefits of which include the possibility to obtain a special worldwide insurance for kiters, to rent equipment wherever you go, to receive special discounts and offers and much more. And well… can you imagine showing it off in front of your friends?




Kite lessons
3 hours a day

Kite, Bar, Leash, Harness, Impact vest, Helmet, Board

From the school to the beach and back

certifying your level

Maximum of 2 students per instructor
Civil Liability Insurance
Pick-up from hotel if needed

IKO Discovery

1 day
3 hours

curso de Kitesurf Bautismo IKO


Discover KiteSurfing:

correctly set up and disassemble the equipment

understand the wind window

understand how the kite works on the beach

overcome possible fears


This 1-day course (3 hours) is perfect for getting to know the spot conditions, and as the first step before taking the basic IKO beginner course.


1 day / 3 hours120 €

IKO Beginner

from 2 days – 3 hours a day

curso de Kitesurf para principiantes

– Price –

3 days / 9 hours350 €

This course for beginners is designed for those who want to learn to kite but have not had the chance to try it yet. Don’t worry, it’s very easy!


learn to kite

learn to use the quick release, leash and depower

correctly set up and disassemble the equipment

wind window

priority and right of way rules

control the kite along the wind window border and in the power zone
control the kite with one and two hands
takeoff and landing in the wind window corners

launching the kite from the water

body dragging downwind and upwind


We will start doing the first exercises on the ground which will bring you closer to that long-awaited moment of putting your feet on the board – the waterstart.


helping you step by step all the way

IKO Intermediate

from 4 days
3 hours a day

curso de Kitesurf para intermedio

– Price –

5 days / 15 hours550 €

This course goes on for 4-7 days, 3 hours a day, but you can add as many lessons as you wish.



understanding safety systems: quick release, leash and depower

correctly set up and disassemble the equipment

wind window

priority and right of way rules

control the kite along the wind window border and in the power zone
control the kite with one and two hands
takeoff and landing in the wind window corners

launching the kite from the water

self-rescue techniques

perfecting body dragging downwind and upwind

confident riding

going upwind and staying upwind, edging


This is the perfect course for those who want to freely ride a kite.


todo lo necesario para ser un kiter independiente

IKO Advanced

the way
to perfection

curso de Kitesurf avanzado

– Precios –

7 days / 21 hours750 €

Our advanced course is designed for those kiters who can already kite independently but would like to improve certain skills.


total control

riding away from the shore and coming back

edging with heels and toes to change direction

edging to accelerate while moving the kite

edging to stop

maintaining edging position

getting back to the board with an upwind body drag
(bodydrag upwind)

self-rescue techniques

total break control

total self-reliance managing the kite and the board in and out of the water

navigating from the shore and coming back to the same point

Cambiar de dirección

knowing the theory of jumping

doing a controlled jump with controlled landing


We will resolve any questions that might appear during the learning process.


improve your skills

Private IKO Course

to fit your needs

curso de Kitesurf privado

– Price –

1 day
3 hours
190 €
3 days
9 hours
540 €
5 days
15 hours

Learning to kitesurf with a private course is undoubtedly the fastest, safest and most straightforward way to achieving your goals. We offer private lessons for all levels, from beginner to advanced.

We will provide you with a personal instructor for all the duration of the course only for you or your group of family or friends if you are not alone. Your instructor will plan personalized lessons according to your level, your interests, and other conditions, and will provide you with undivided attention no matter what level you are at.

The equipment you will need for your course will also be at your disposal at any time. In a private course, you are the one who sets the pace for your lessons. For that, we will assign to you one of our instructors who will personally guide you through all the learning process taking care of your comfort and safety needs.

With this “One to One” format your personal instructor can fully assist you and give all his undivided attention. As you can imagine this way your level could improve incredibly fast. You can also enjoy the freedom of choosing dates and times convenient for you.

Private lessons are designed for those who want to focus more on their progress, for students with a language preference and for parents with children.

Alquiler Kitesurf Cometa tablas



In ZooPark Famara we also offer the possibility to rent kiteboarding gear. Our kite sizes vary from 4 to 13 meters. Moreover, we have twin-tip and kitesurfing boards.

All our equipment is seasonal and is renewed every year. Cabrinha, North and Liquid Force are our brands of choice.

– Prices –

full set of equipment

1 day90 €

Liquid Force and Cabrinha
of all sizes


Kite Course + Kite

From our experience we know that when you have learned to kitesurf with a certain kite that you really liked, you would like to continue practicing independently with the same kite. This is why in ZooPark Famara we offer the possibility to purchase the kite you have been learning with at the end of the course at a highly advantageous price. You can choose between a brand-new kite and a second-hand one.

The prices vary according to the kite size, its condition and brand. Ask us about our offers!

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