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ZooPark Famara is located in a marvelous oceanside town La Caleta de Famara in the Northeastern part of the island of Lanzarote. Integrated in a unique environment of volcanic nature and washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, here you will feel how the volcanic energy saturates everything around. Our school is situated right at the town entrance, so it is the first school you see upon arrival, and just a few meters far from the beach.

Because of its wild nature it is perfect for those who love experiencing new things in direct contact with waves and wind. Caleta de Famara is close to Teguise, an ancient town that used to be the capital of Lanzarote. You will find yourself in the very heart of the National Park of Canary archipelago.

The international Lanzarote airport is a mere 20-minute drive from our Surfing, Paddle Surfing and Kitesurfing school. We recommend that you rent a car to be able to freely move around the island in your spare time after practicing sports on the beach. You can rent one in the same airport or through us at no additional charge, so that everything is ready for your arrival. Simply ask us about the prices and decide.

If you want to find us, you have got to travel down a few stops from the sky, we are in the Paradise or, how some people call it… FAMARADISE. We are easy to find, as we are always smiling!!

Why Us?

Here you have 10 reasons

We are like you and we understand your needs and possible initial fears, therefore…

… We are patient and will support you from the very beginning, because…

… We like to listen, so simply tell us and we will understand, and moreover, we have a secret…

we love what we do because we have made our dream a way of life, so …

… Our goal is for you to learn in a safe, fun and fast way, because like you…

… We are also tired of purchasing package deals that do not meet our expectations and…

… We do not like attending lessons in a group of 40 students, instead …

… We want to provide you with a personalized approach, so that you tell that about us to whomever will listen, and also tell them that …

… We work with the best equipment on the market and with a carefully selected team, and finally, we want you to know that …

… By the end of your stay with us, we would like to be able to add you to our never-ending list of friends, and friends do not let each other down, right? …


Come on, take a step forward!
Let go of your troubles, forget all your worries and become one of us – the free souls of the island.


We are waiting for you

Who we are

action and adventure tourism


Our school was born from the concept of a team of professionals that love water sports and that have converted their passion into a way of life. ZooPark Famara is a Surf, Paddle Surf and Kitesurf school with its own character and identity where all the details are being carefully considered to offer the best possible services to our students. You are our priority, so our goal is to make you feel that you learned a lot at the end of every day that you are among us, that your time has been well spent and your money well invested. All our efforts are aimed at an individual approach that makes you feel at home with all your needs and concerns being taken care of. So, go on, give that door a little push – it is always open for you.

The growth of ZooPark Famara Surf, SUP & Kitesurf School in the last few years has been tremendous, and that allowed us to become one of the most recommended activity holidays companies in Lanzarote. Through our facilities have already passed more than 20,000 satisfied customers.

We also offer the best equipment on the market, and we are proud to be working with brands like All Merrick, Lost, Xcel, SoftTech, Gath, NSP, Madness, Cabrinha, Liquid Force, SexWax and Roxy, among others.

And to top it off, we have a Volcom Store among our facilities, because a respected brand like that meets our quality standards and just like us pays attention to the tiniest details.

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